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Selected Resources for: Study Skills Resources (Display only the highlighted/core resources).

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Use Web Resources

    High-quality, reliable internet sites

  Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers supported by Drexel University. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions (the Dr. Math FAQ).
  Integrals Online
A full power integration solver by Wolfram.
  Reading and Understanding Texts
University of Victoria introduces learning skills resources for reading and understanding the written word.
  Reading to Comprehend and Learn
University of Victoria highlight PSQ5R, a formula that stands for the basic steps in learning from reading in an efficient manner.
  SQ3R: A Reading and Study Skill System
Virginia Tech introduces the steps of the SQ3R system.
  Study Skills Guide
College of St. Benedict/St. John's offer resources on time management, effective listening, note taking, and more.
  Study Skills Library
California Polytechnic State University's Student Academic Services provides links to a variety of study skill topics.
  Success in Mathematics
A PDF document link with study and test taking tips from Saint Louis University.
  Tips for Increased Reading Speed
University of Victoria offers 8 tips for increasing reading speed.
  Wolfram MathWorld
The web's most extensive mathematical resource.

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